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Our mission is to educate the world about the importance of reconnecting with your health & all the benfits it has to offer.

Hey! We are Missy & B, we Started This Journey to find the Absolute Best & Healthiest.

The landscape of “health” is kinda crazy and its always evolving. I remember my Mom telling me not to drink from the water fountain when I was a child cause it had chemicals. Now I’m telling my mom not to wear those pants because it’s polyester and she might be intaking plastic.

I’ve been on a journey my whole life to try and understand what healthy really means. I don’t think any of us are there yet, but we can all try. This is why I wanted to create FindBest. There are hundreds of other sites that can help you find products. But I wanted to help you find literally the best, with health in mind.

Everything from the clothes you wear, to your skin care, to what you clean your house with, and how you prepare your food, it all affects your daily life. Is it full of toxins? Are you aware of these toxins? How can we do better to get rid of these toxins.

  • All reviews and writing is done by us. No paid promotions!!
  • Products found everywhere. No matter where you live you can always find best!!

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